Linen care

In order to take advantage of all the best properties of linen, to enjoy the longevity and quality of products, it is necessary to know the most important details and tricks on how to care for linen products.


Linen can be washed by hand, machine, dry cleaned. Bleaching detergents are suitable for white linen, but colored fabric should be washed with mild detergents or mild soap. Chlorine-containing bleaches are also not recommended as they can damage the fabric structure.
If the water used for washing is calcified, we recommend adding fabric softener, especially when washing darker fabrics. Never wash dark and light fabrics together. If you are washing the machine, do not overload it so that the linen product can move freely. Otherwise, it may become streaked. Just note that if any other material is included in the linen, the properties of that auxiliary material must also be taken into account when washing. Linen products must be rinsed thoroughly during both machine washing and hand washing.
The advantage of dry cleaning is that the products are returned smoothed. We recommend dry cleaning linen curtains and roman blinds in a dry cleaner, thus avoiding shrinkage of the products.
By the way, if one or another stain has appeared on the fabric, you can remove it with a cleaner, just test it by pouring it on an invisible part of the garment. Allow the cleanser to soak in, hold for two to three minutes and rinse. If the cleaner does not leave any changes, did not lighten the existing color, you can use it for the whole garment and pour it on the stain, just do not pour the cleaner into the washing machine in any way.


Drying in a tumble dryer is also possible in a natural way. After washing, the linen will be wrinkled, so the washed and lightly wrinkled fabric must be hung properly so that it does not wrinkle evenly during drying. As the flax dries very well, it is important to dry it in time and not allow it to dry out, otherwise it will be very difficult to iron.


Linen fabrics are best ironed when they are still a little damp: first of all, they will smooth out better, and you will not need additional watering during ironing. It is recommended to iron from the wrong side of the fabric, thus protecting the linen surface from smoothness, gloss and color fading. Use a hot iron (3 dots) with steam to smooth out wrinkles. After ironing, leave the linen products slightly damp and hang in a cool, dry and well-ventilated room to dry completely.

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